Web Based Construction Management!

With multiple crews in the field you need to know where you stand at all times. Construction Management Software tells you instantly where you stand down to the penny! A million dollar contract is great unless you’re off by two percent. Watch how to control your organization easily in the videos below.

Manage Every Aspect of the Construction Process!


Watch accurate proposals developed in minutes because you need to get the proposal off your desk!


Watch crews, equipment, and materials scheduled to right job sites in just minutes a day!


Watch how customer tickets, including labor, equipment and materials are output instantly!


Watch how all aspects of each job is managed, documents are uploaded, and everything is accessible in the field.

Construction Management Captures the Profit You Deserve

construction-proposal-writingThis software has been managing construction companies for close to 20 years. We are talking about companies that contract with major builders like Shea Homes, Brookfield, and Lennar. When running multiple crews daily things can get out of control. Construction Management Software keeps you in control by scheduling, recording labor, and job costing. We use an innovative Web-Based approach that involves your office as well as your crews in the field. You’re not going to find any software package that can do as much for you as we can. We will get you more work, organize that work better, and make sure you get paid for everything you do.

Most of our clients use Quickbooks or Sage for their accounting. We’re not taking that away. This is a front-end system that creates proposals, schedules labor, equipment, and materials, and posts that labor into the system. The advantage of working this way is you always know where you stand. This is a new way of doing construction business.

Construction Management Software Gives You An Edge

A well managed construction business has Construction Management Software on every computer. Everyone is in the system all the time. They dispatch, schedule, and create tickets directly from the system. Gain operational control. Raise your profit. Improve your cash flow. Amaze your customers. Here are major issues Construction Management Software will solve immediately:

  • Get accurate proposals created and emailed to your customer in minutes.
  • Create Extra-Work tickets and have them signed before starting work.
  • Coordinate your employees, equipment, and materials to the right job site daily.
  • Maintain a Dispatch Log that gets materials and equipment to the right job site.
  • Capture all labor, equipment hours, rental hours, and materials against the job.
  • Know you Job Cost exactly – from any day to any other day.
  • Provide ubiquitous access to job drawings, specs, and docs in the field.
  • Get paid for everything you do including wear and tear on your equipment.

We’ve been helping construction companies make more profit for 20 years. Construction Management Software will blow you away guaranteed. Call us to discuss your operation to see if we can help.