Construction Proposal Software:

Gets The Proposal Off Your Desk And Into The Client’s Hands!

construction bidding software

Construction management software makes proposal writing as quick and easy as possible. Bids are about accurate numbers. All that matters is that the numbers are right. You don’t want your bidding process to be time consuming. Your client doesn’t want that either. They just need to know the price. We are confident our construction bidding software will get you accurate numbers as quickly as possible. Our system will get bids off your desk and into the customer’s hands. It is so quick and easy your foreman can do it in the field.

We have reduced the proposal process to seconds by using your estimates. It is emotionally hard to “pull off” paying work to work on proposals. However proposals breath life into your company. It is essential to get the proposal to the client while they are still thinking about. If the proposal shows up days or weeks late it hurts production. Our system produces proposals in seconds so nothing sits on your desks. More proposals created quickly means more work. Our proposals are accurate so you know you will be operating with good margins. Here’s how it works.

Construction System Proposals Use A Library Of Estimates

Here is how we make it so fast: Your existing estimates become a line item of a proposal.

For example lets say you have developed an estimate for the installation of Artificial Turf in Construction System. Let’s say it is for 1,600 square feet fully installed. The estimate will have line items like this:

  • Four Laborers – 40 hours each.
  • Sod Cutter – 8 hrs.
  • Dump Truck – 8 hrs.
  • Plate Compactor: 8 hours.
  • DG – 2 yards
  • Road Base – 4 yards
  • 100 ft. of Synthetic Turf
  • 25 ft. of Putting Green Turf

Based on labor, equipment and materials the estimate totals out to $14,000.

On the estimate there are three additional fields used for proposal writing. These are: Line item, Unit of Measure, and Quantity. So you fill these in like this:

  • Line Item: Artificial Turf Install Complete
  • Unit of Measure: Square Feet
  • Quantity: 1600

The system knows – based on these entries – that Turf Installation Complete prices out at 8.75 per sq. ft. The system calculates this based on the existing estimate.

Now you get a call from a customer wanting 2,300 sq. ft. of synthetic grass installed. Here’s all you have to do to prepare his proposal:

1. Go to Start New Proposal.
2. Pull the “Artificial Turf Install Complete” line item onto the proposal.
3. Assign the quantity: 2,300 sq. ft.

Based on the numbers your proposal totals out to $20,125. You know it is accurate because it is based on an existing estimate. Now you can tweak your “cost per sq. ft” up or down depending on the proposal. For example if you would like a little more margin in the job set the cost per foot to 9.50 instead of the 8.75 calculated by the system. Now your proposal totals out to $21,850. When you are satisfied with that number hit print and send it over to your customer. It is that quick.

Proposals Use Estimates As Line Items

If you work up an estimate – for lineal feet, square feet, or whatever – you can call that estimate onto a proposal as a line item. The system already knows that cost per foot (UOM). You can use that number as a reference. As you build up a library of commonly requested jobs proposal writing becomes quick and easy.

A request for proposal shouldn’t sit on anyone’s desk. Proposals need to be done and over to the client. The more proposals you get out the more work you will have. Construction System Proposals are not only quick they are accurate as well. Imagine how good it would feel to have accurate proposals over to the customer daily as part of how you do business. With Construction System proposal writing is built in!