Construction Cost Estimator

We Cost A Job Like You Think: With Your Guys, Equipment, and Materials

construction cost estimatorWe estimate like you think. When you think about a job you already know what it is going to take. For example you know you are going to need these guys:

  • A foreman 16 hours
  • A laborer 32 hours
  • A teamster 8 hours

You also know what equipment your need such as:

  • Your skip loader 2 hours
  • Your ten wheeler 16 hours.

Isn’t that how you think? You work the job up in your head because you know exactly what it is going to take.

Construction Cost Estimator works exactly like you think. You don’t need to enter a thing because all your assets (employees, equipment, and materials) are already in the system. All you do is pull your guys, equipment, and materials into construction cost estimator and assign the quantities. That’s it. This is the exact thought process you go through on every job. We have made construction cost estimator simple and quick. You’ll have the takeoff finished (and over to your customer) in less time than it takes for most people to just get started.

There are more complicated estimating systems but that isn’t what we are about. We are about getting the estimate off your desk as quickly as possible. In estimating simple is better. We will get accurate numbers out of your head and over to your client quicker than anyone. We guarantee it!

A customer sign off is key to consistent profitability.

If you start work without a signed agreement you will be in a bad position from that point forward. To help you get your customer to signoff in advance we have created this super-easy estimating process. We believe this is fundamental to your success. That is why we created this web page specifically to show you how to turn the customer relationship to your advantage.

When the customer arrives at the job site big pressure will be on for extra work. The customer will stop at nothing to get their job done immediately. This is a critical point in the negotiating process. This is where you either win or lose. The key is to use the customer’s pressure on you to your advantage. This is the point where you want to put your agreement in front of him and have him sign it.

It is critical to have him sign this BEFORE you start work. That is because it will be impossible to have him sign it after the work is completed. By doing the work without a signed agreement you have inadvertently REMOVED any impetus for him to sign it. The key is to get your agreement made quickly, preferably while he is still in the field. This is our super-simple estimating process intended to get the customer to signoff before any work gets done:

Step One: Pull line items from your rate card to the estimate.

Just do it. Pull the guys, equipment, rental equipment, and materials from your rate card (already in the system) to the estimate form. Yes it takes courage but it is the key to profitability. You know exactly what you need. Just manifest the job by selecting the assets necessary to get it done. Do this is minutes. Heavy thought and second guessing is not productive. Just pull the assets for the job onto the form.

Step Two: Assign hours and quantities to the line items.

With your assets in the estimate form the next step is to assign quantities: you need this guy for 8 hours, etc. Don’t worry about pricing. Pricing is already in the system. Just assign the hours to labor and equipment and quantities to materials. Do this quickly. Your first impression will be accurate. Just trust your judgement. You can always adjust if you need to but most of the time you will be right on the money.

Step Three: Output the estimate to Microsoft Word and get the customer to sign off.

One click and the estimate goes to MS Word. Quantities and pricing are extended and totaled. The estimate is complete with a signature block at the bottom. This is a web based system so you can prepare the estimate in your office and have it signed in the field. Make customer sign off a requirement for starting work and you will make more money with less anxiety starting now!