Construction Estimating Software

When You Just Need To Get The Estimate Off Your Desk!

You probably have sophisticated software for estimating with drawings, plans, and material takeoffs. The problem is this approach to estimating is too complicated. Complicated is not what we do. We are into speed. Construction System estimating creates estimates in minutes. This video demonstrates how it works. It is fast, accurate, and looks good too!

You’ve got a crew in the field. In the middle of a job the customer shows up demanding additional work that needs to be done. The work is beyond the original agreement. It is extra work. He’s pushing your foreman. He needs this work done now. The pressure is on.

This is a critical point in the job. If you proceed with the extra work – without the customer signing off paperwork – you could be at risk. Right now, while the iron is hot, the customer will signoff to get the work done. If you do it without a signoff you will be chasing. If the work gets done without a signoff you are going to have a hard time finding the man. Your team will be chasing and your phone calls will be unreturned. Getting the customer to signoff after the work is completed is not a position you want to be in. You are in a much stronger position when you get the work signed off before you start.

Construction System Estimating works like you think.

Let’s say you were on sight when the customer shows up. He is demanding this and demanding that. As he is talking you are calculating costs in your head. When he’s done you know exactly what he needs and it goes something like this:

1. Labor – you are going to need a foreman (20 hrs.), two laborers (20 hrs.), and two finishers (20 hrs.).

2. Equipment – you are going to need a skid steer (20 hrs.) and a 10 Wheeler (10 hrs.).

3. Materials – you are going to need concrete (25 yards).

Isn’t that how you think? I’ll bet even before he finishes talking you know exactly what is involved. Furthermore your assessment of the job will be the actual cost. If only you had construction estimating software to get this down on paper. If you do this work without a signoff the customer is in control. You pay for labor, equipment, and materials now and then chase to get your money back. In the meantime your cash flow suffers and your personal anxiety suffers too. You are right to be worried.

Here’s that same scenario only this time as a Construction System client.

You call up Construction Estimating Software and drop these line items into the estimate. The thinking is exactly the same: I need one foreman for 20 hours, etc. Only this time you are actually doing it in the system. After only a few minutes you have your estimate developed. Hit print and have him sign it. Your lead men can do this too. They know what is involved as well as you.

Now you have a signed estimate right there in the field. Even a small job like this is over $10,000. With a signed off statement of work you can proceed and keep your peace of mind.

Do you see how things have changed?

Having a signed statement of work is fundamental to profitability. There will be no bargaining or backtracking after the fact. Both you and your customer know exactly what is involved. A signed mutual agreement helps you sleep at night.

If you are like most construction businesses getting the estimate done is a lengthy process. Our construction estimating software is so quick and easy you can delegate it. Many of our clients have trained their foremen to do in field estimates.

Don’t worry about math. Prices are already in the system. Math is done automatically. Just think about line items and quantities. Pull line items onto the estimate and assign hours. It only takes a few minutes. Out comes a detailed statement that you and your customer understand. At the bottom is a signature block. That’s the key.

Don’t get forced into sticking your neck out financially.

Use the pressure of expediting the job to your advantage. When the customer has anxiety that is good for you. Put the paperwork in front of him while the iron is hot. Make his desire to move the job forward work for you. If the job is as urgent as he says it is he will sign it. If he doesn’t sign it you’ve found that out in advance. Maybe faced with the numbers he can compromise on a few items. The important thing is to work from numbers before starting work. If you start in without signoff you will lose.

Put our Construction Estimating Software in your arsenal. Customers are tough. You have to be tough too. Having the capability of getting your numbers in five minutes allows you to compete in this tough environment. This isn’t intended to replace your existing estimating. This is intended to give you a leg up in negotiations with your customer, especially when it comes to extra work. Imagine how good it will feel to have a signed agreement in place for everything you do. Try getting a signature after the work is completed. We both know what that is like.

You know tools. Construction System Estimating is just another tool. When it comes to running a profitable construction business it may be the most important tool you have. Take control. Get out ahead of your customer. Customers can be tough guys. Establish the rules and get them signed off before committing your assets. Mutually agreed upon estimates are a key to running a consistently profitable construction business. Your customer will respect you for it.