Construction Labor Software

Post Labor, Equipment And Materials Directly From The Schedule To The Job

Construction Labor SoftwareYou will not believe how easy and powerful our schedule post software is. Scheduling system assigns your employees, equipment, and materials to job sites. The schedule post system “closes” the quantities used to the job at the conclusion of every day. Closing assets to jobs daily is a godsend for construction management. Closing accounting daily gives you real time accounting over every job you do.

Closing labor hours and material quantities to jobs any other way is labor intensive. Not so with Scheduling Post. Simply go to the Calendar and click Post Hours. Then you’ll see the day’s jobs with the Labor, Equipment, and Material list for each one. Every line item for that job has a quantity field. Simply enter the quantity used that day (hours for employees or quantities for materials) and click post. That’s all there is to it. You have perfect numbers for that job.

Here is how Construction Labor Software works in a construction office situation:

1. Your office manager runs the schedule. She has the various job sites setup for the day. This is on her computer.

2. She calls the foreman in the field at the end of the day.

3. The foreman reports the hours for his guys as well as the materials used. This is a five minute conversion.

4. As he is talking she is entering the quantities into her computer in the prefilled Scheduling Post screen.

5. After the hours are reported in she hits “Post” and those hours are closed to that job.

Nothing could be simpler or easier. She goes through each job site and closed the assets used. This is a perfect accounting system for you. These numbers are exactly right. They are the foundation of everything you do.

Posting Hours Daily Is The Key To Raising Net Profit

To be successful in the construction business you must be accurate in reporting hours into jobs. When you post hours daily as a way of doing business you gain control and profit. Construction Labor Software is a company-wide system. If you need to know where you stand financially on a specific job you can run a report from a start day to a finish day. For example if you feel a certain job is running over budget you can run a report on it, from two weeks ago through today for example.

What you will see is a detailed breakdown of all labor, overtime, equipment, rental, and materials for that job. There will be subtotals for each, a grand total with overhead applied. You will know “to the penny” exactly what that job costs. This feature allows you to run your business in an accurate and efficient manner. We run this way because it is the key to profitability. In construction margins are thin. To consistently make money you need to know exactly where each job stands all the time.

Become An Empowered Construction Business Owner

If you do business this way – post hours as you go – you will always know where you stand financially. Jobs change constantly. It is up to you, as the business owner, to keep your client in check. The client is going to try to extend the statement of work. That is what they do. It is your job to close the original statement of work (when the job is done) and open a new job for their extra work. You need an excellent accounting system to manage this effectively. If you are unsure of your numbers you are going to lose. In construction you need to win consistently. That means getting paid when you complete a statement of work and getting paid again when the client extends that statement of work.

Accurate real time numbers is your shield in this constantly changing construction environment. Your customer may not like being confronted with the numbers but they will respect you for it. When they call and ask for a favor you can tell them exactly where the job stands (send them a PDF statement) and exactly what it will cost for the additional work. Having the real hours at your fingertips puts you on solid ground in your negotiations with customers.

Real Time Accounting Just Takes The Right System

Putting you in the advantageous position of knowing exactly where every job stands seems like it would cause a lot of extra work. The amazing thing is running your business this way is actually less work. It is less work for you. It is also less work for your staff. With Construction System Software you have the screens available for super-easy inputting. Your office manager simply calls up today’s schedule, clicks post, and enters the hours for the line items. For that five-minute job you gain a real time understanding of every job you do. You need to have that understanding to compete in the construction environment. You can win and win big. You just need Construction System Software to do it.