Construction Project Management

Every Aspect Of The Job Is At Your Fingertips All The Time

construction project managementConstruction Project Managers need information to run an effective company. Construction System’s project management software is the most complete in the industry. Construction Project Management is a web-based system meaning it is easily accessible throughout your office, at home, and into the field. Construction Project Management software adds no extra work. It is just a new way of doing business. When you do business this way you gain access to all aspects of your projects all the time.

As the construction manager you are going to have an “Active Jobs List.” This is typically around 200 of your top priority jobs. These are the jobs you have open on an ongoing basis. When you need information regarding a job you are going to start by going to the Active Jobs List.

You can sort your active jobs by Job Number, Customer, Supervisor, Description or Date. Of the 200 active jobs you can locate the job easily. When you click Edit you open up to a wealth of information regarding that job including:

Job Header:

The Job Header contains the information regarding the job such as Customer, Contract, Date, Contract Amount, Tract, Description, Status and so on. This is where you hold the basic job information.

Job Notes:

When you click the Job Notes tab you will see everything that has been done on that job since it started. A typical entry into job notes may be something like “Lay out area drains; Excavate 6 in Area Drains, Lay Pipe, backfill, compact & clean up work area.”

You can have as many job notes as you want. A typical job may have up to 100 job notes, one for each day. Job Notes is useful when you, as the owner, need to know exactly what has been done. For example when you client calls in demanding an update you can go to Job Notes and tell him exactly what has been done on the job. This information is critical for the project manager to know what is going on.

Job History:

When you click the Job History tab is going to give you a list of every Employee, Equipment, Rental and Material used on this job. Each line item entry includes the Date, Name of Asset (Employee, Equipment, or Material) and the Quantity of Hours Used. Thus you have a full accounting of everything that has gone into that job since the beginning. At the bottom you have totals giving you total labor, equipment hours, and materials into the job. As a construction project manager imagine how valuable it would be to have this information at your fingertips. Remember this is instantly accessible. There is no work required to pull the numbers together.

Job Documents:

When you click on Job Documents you get the files uploaded to the job. This isn’t your typical file upload subject to file size restrictions. This is capable of big files such as full resolution site drawings. Job Documents is an excellent place to hold drawings, photos, specifications, and Excel spreadsheets regarding the job. You can upload files from the office and have them accessible in the field.

Job Safety:

Construction is a highly regulated industry. Often it is mandatory to prepare and sign safety documents daily. The Job Safety tab is an excellent place to store your safety documents. You will have the daily reports on file and be in 100 percent compliance with regulating agencies.

As you can see Construction System’s Construction Project Management software is second to none. The incredible thing is you can have all this information at your fingertips with no more work than you are doing now. This organizational tool is simply a matter of using the software. Your office manager, staff, and workers in the field all contribute to the software. You, as the Project Manager, simply orchestrate the process. The benefit of working this way is full control over your projects. Your customers will be amazed at your level of organization and control. This is easily attainable. It’s all in the Construction Project Management section of your software.