Job Management Software

Gain Complete Construction Job Management With Less Office Work

Construction Job Management Software

Construction System’s Job Management Software is a win-win for your company. It is a win because you will have more information regarding your jobs than you ever dreamed possible. It is also a win because it is no more work than you are doing now. Construction System is a company-wide web based system. All the notes that are scattered on PCs now go into a central system where the collective knowledge is accessible to your entire organization.

We have found that Construction companies are doing this work anyway. Construction System just brings the effort together in a coordinated way. In our experience we see employees with detailed spreadsheets, word docs, outlook calendars, and other systems attempting to run a company. The problem with this approach is that the information is fragmented. The synergy of a central program to handle everything is missing. Work becomes laborious. Not only is there a lot of unnecessary hours going into these spreadsheets, the information coming out of them is not that useful either. Creating a spreadsheet to handle an aspect of construction is an approach to the problem. But it is not the best approach.

As a construction manager information is your friend

You are dealing with tough customers and tight margins on a daily basis. It is not good enough to have a general understanding of the job. You need to know exactly where you stand all the time. That requires information. Information is exactly what Construction System’s Job Management Software will give you.

Imagine sitting at your desk. You are thinking about a specific job. You need to investigate. Instead of trying to pull together information on spreadsheets or special projects you just call up your system. Go to the Active Job List. This gives you a list of all jobs active in your system including – invoice, labor, customer, supervisor, community, tract, purchase order, description, and date. You can instantly sort the screen by any heading giving you total visibility of everything you are doing.

When you click into the specific job you get a wealth of information. This is everything a construction business owner wants to see. There is no other construction management software that can compete. Each job contains five screens of the following information:

1. Job Header – containing basic job information such as customer, description, contract number, etc.

2. Job Notes – containing a description of what has been done on the job. There is one statement per day going back to the beginning of the job.

3. Job History – containing the labor, overtime, equipment, rental equipment, and materials used on the job since the beginning. You can literally look back and see what was used every day. This is essential information for controlling job cost and bringing the job in at a profit.

4. Job Documents – containing all Word Docs, Images, Specifications, and Drawings for the job. Job documents are accessible on tablets in the field too.

5. Job Safety Documents – containing the necessary regulatory documents for the job.

This construction company with the best information wins

The Job Management Software module contains information of incredible detail. You may think that setting up information like this takes a lot of time. On the contrary. Using this system will lower the number of office overhead hours consumed now. The secret is that everyone is working within a central system. The office hours consumed creating individual lists and reports will be redirected into construction system software. Your office hours will actually go down. Meanwhile you will gain the informational control that you need to run a profitable construction company.

You are not going to find another software product that will give you this level of control. We have listened to construction owners to give them what the need in software. Everything is cross-referenced. For example a customer can call. You can go to “Lookup Job Notes by Customer” and it will give you a report of every job you have done for them as well as all the notes regarding that job. From this screen you can click on the Job Number and you are into an entire history of the job – every employee, equipment, and material that went into it. You are not going to find that level of control no matter where you look. Construction System Software will put you in firm control. Click the link below to schedule a Free Demonstration and we will show you first hand how it works.