Quickbooks Construction

Enter Your Labor, Equipment, and Materials As Easily As Possible

quickbooks constructionConstruction System does not take the place of Quickbooks. It works in conjunction with Quickbooks. We take care of the accounting before Quickbooks. Then we produce a Quickbooks Accounting Report that exactly matches the Quickbooks “Weekly Timesheet Report” for quick and easy entry into your standard accounting system.

Construction System has a Scheduling Module where you setup your crews, equipment, and materials. You can schedule up to 20 crews a day. Scheduling System is an excellent tool to organize simultaneous job sites. Using our simple Scheduling Screen you can allocate men, equipment, and materials to specific job sites. Because it is a web based system everyone in the organization can see the game plan for the day. If you run several job sites simultaneously the scheduling system allows you to manage effectively.

The Scheduling Post Function

Once the daily schedule is entered into the system most of the work for labor entry is done. We have created a Scheduling Post function that enters the hours into the system. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the Schedule for the day

2. Click Post Hours

3. You will see a list of Employees, Equipment, and Materials. Simply enter the quantity for each (hours for employees and quantities for materials) and click Post.

4. The Labor, Equipment hours, and Materials Quantities are entered for that day.

That’s it. That is how easy it is to get your hours into the system. Entering hours into the system is basically just the lead men calling in hours for their crews to the central office. Your office manager calls up the screen, enters the hours, and you are done. The hours are entered for that day and it only took five minutes.

The Benefits of Entering Hours Daily

The five-minute post operation does good things for you. Here’s a list of direct benefits you get when you enter time and materials this way:

1. Your accounting becomes deadly accurate.

Entering hours is such a simple process it lends itself to accuracy. The hours for a job site are entered on one screen. Once the hours are reported in for the day that job site is closed. The system knows the hours are reported in.

2. Your operational reporting becomes real time.

Closing the hours each day makes your reporting real time. That means you (and your client) know exactly what a job is costing. For example, the client calls in and asks for a status on a job. You can go into your system and pull an invoice for any job, for any to and from date. A full accounting of the job comes out the printer. There will never be any scrambling for numbers again. It is all right there in the system.

3. You have a full accounting of extra work.

One place where construction companies get killed over and over is on extra work. The client shows up and needs something done that is outside the scope of the original job. Most companies just can’t react quickly enough to make money in this situation. They start in on the work without the underlying accounting to make is pay. In our system simple open a new job (suffix A for example) and become posting your hours and equipment to it instead of the main job. When the extra work is complete you have a ready-made invoice to send to your client with just the hours and materials used on this phase of the project. Uncompensated extra can eat up the profit of a job in a hurry.

4. You are setup perfectly for Quickbooks accounting

We don’t do what Quickbooks does. Quickbooks doesn’t do what we do. We get all the labor and materials into the system and prepare a report that can easily be transferred to Quickbooks for post processing. Our Week Labor Report matches the Quickbooks Weekly Time Sheet perfectly. Think of our system as doing all the preprocessing required for Quickbooks. We get everything organized and present it in a format that can be entered into Quickbooks in a few minutes.

We are not our to replace Quickbooks. That is not what we do. What we do is get your employees, your equipment, and your materials to the correct job site daily. Then we take the hours and quantities used and get that into your system so you will have the numbers to put into Quickbooks. We do the preprocessing and Quickbooks does the post processing. The two systems do not overlap. They reinforce each other.

Quickbooks Construction Allows Your Business To Grow

You can run up to 20 job sites every day with flawless precision. Then you get the hours entered into these jobs perfectly. This gives you total operational control over a Construction operation that runs fast and does a lot of work. You can have as many as 50 jobs running concurrently with real time invoices for each one.
Having real time invoices is essential to running a successful construction company. The first thing you will notice with Construction System is that you have a lot more invoices going out. Creating invoices by any other method takes time. With Construction System invoicing is instantaneous. Simply click the job, enter a to and from date, and click create invoice. A fully developed invoice comes out in PDF format.

Reducing invoicing to a one-click process is empowering. This way you take the advantage. Invoicing is not a matter of pulling things together. It is already in the system waiting to come out. When invoicing is simplified you get paid for everything. If the client requested it – and you did it – you get paid for it. You get paid quickly and easily. The onus isn’t on you to prepare accurate invoices anymore. You already have them. Just click, print, and send. Then get paid. We want you to get paid for everything you do. We want you to increase your cash for while reducing the accounting work. With Construction System that is exactly what you will have.