Construction Scheduling Software

Web Based System Organizes Job Sites To The Highest Level

FREE TRIALIn construction, the logistics of getting employees, equipment, and materials to the right place at exactly the right time can be incredibly complicated, unless you’re using Construction Scheduling Software.

When you run multiple job sites getting labor, equipment, and materials organized as half the battle. Construction Scheduling Software was designed by construction managers. It is the easiest and simplest way to optimize your construction projects. Here’s how it works:

construction8Imagine sitting in your office looking at a large computer screen on the right. On the left are all your assets available for use – your labor, equipment, and materials. This could be hundreds of line items for a typical construction company.

On the right are the individual crews (job sites) you are running. For example, say we have 16 crews running (as shown).

Allocating Labor To Job Sites

Starting with your Employees on the left, pick one and “add” him to a crew. He shows up on that crew on the right. Notice how his name goes to the bottom of the labor list, in a red color, indicating that he is “used” for that day. You can, of course, double-book him if you want.

Allocating Equipment To Job Sites

After assigning your labor, next you’ll want to assign your equipment (including your equipment and rental equipment). It is critical that equipment shows up at the job site. When equipment is mismanaged you’ve got guys at the job site, on the payroll, sitting. Construction Scheduling Software will eliminate that. It will maximize both equipment and employees.

Allocating Materials To Job Sites

Finally you’ll want to assign materials to the job. The system includes a “dispatch log” that tracks material on order. We recommend using the dispatch log. It ensures that materials are delivered to the job site exactly on time – not too soon and not late.

Once your labor, equipment, and materials are allocated to your job sites you have a complete “setup” for the day. Construction Scheduling Software allows you to copy crews from one day to the next, minimizing input. This is the perfect tool for allocating assets of a large construction company across multiple job sites without making mistakes. It was designed by Construction Managers for Construction Mangers.

Video: How To Setup A Job and Schedule A Crew